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Sewing with Nana!

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

This is me & my Nana! She's the best and I love her much. I love to go visit her in her design studio. She has been sewing since the age of 8 and has been working in fashion for over 20 years. Many of her clients are celebrities so she is really good at what she does!

Now that I'm 4 years old I can sit with her at the machine and learn, but I can't sew by myself just yet, my hands need to stay back from the needle. But I help my nana put the fabrics together and I help guide.

Before she starts to sew she has to complete a lot of steps.

1. Draw a design

2. Pick a fabric

2. Make a pattern

3. Put the fabric on the cutting table

4. Lay the pattern on the fabric

5. Cut the pieces out

6. Sew the pieces together

Here she is showing me how she uses the straight stitch machine.

When she sews, it makes a straight line of small stitches that put the pieces together like a puzzle. We sometimes have to use pins to keep the layers together so they won't move when we sew.

It's always fun to sew with my Nana, I love her. 😍

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