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Hi Friends!

My name is Olivia Ash!

Welcome to my blog about my Adventures in fashion.  Yes, it's all about style, fashion, & fun... but it is not your typical blog.  You see, I am a 4 yr old who is 4th generation learning the family business of fashion.

Exciting right?!😍

My page is written and managed by my mommy, Joy Harper Ash, a women's wear & children's wear fashion designer who loves me to the moon & back!!!  Out of her desire to journal my learning experience and to save memories of our special family tradition; she decided that a blog would be a fun way we could record our journey together... and maybe even encourage others to learn & have fun with fashion too!


Come along with me on my adventurous journey as I learn and share what I'm learning... fashion tips, styling tips, crafting/sewing tips, product reviews, my lookbook & much more! 


My blog will feature an array of brands...

my own exclusive label "Olivia Ash"

and even other labels of all price points... we love to mix & match designer AND budget brands (with a little vintage sprinkled on top), no brand snobbery here...  just a real pure love of fashion!


Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to like, share, and comment on our social media pages and stop by our SHOP to grab some #cutecute pieces!

XOXO, Olivia

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