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Review: Princess Jones Books

Our Review today is on the book series "Princess Cupcake Jones" written by Author Ylleya Fields and Illustrated by Michael LaDuca.

These books were gifted to Olivia by her "Auntie Dee Dee" Demetria McKinney @demetria4real.

Olivia was in love at first glance! The book had very bold colors, amazing illustrations and the best part was that Cupcake Jones was not only a princess, but also an image that looked like her... an African-American girl with style & curly hair! She couldn't wait to read them together!

We were very impressed with the way these book were written. They had wonderful subject matter that kept Olivia engaged all the way through 'til the end. The illustrations were so amazing that she wanted to take a good long look through every page (and so did I 🤭). Hidden in the pictures was the word "Love" and that was her favorite part!!! I found our conversation to be, "Ok Olivia, find the love." Her response would be, "Yay! Look Mommy I found the love!" This made me feel so great time & time again, because as a mother I want her to always "find the love" in any situation throughout her life.❤ This was very thoughtful of the author and illustrator and made these books even more special!

Needless to say, this trio of books remain to be favorites in Olivia's collection!

We highly recommend you grab these, they are perfect for every little girl! @princesscupcakejones

~ Disclaimer: This Review was NOT sponsored. ~


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