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Review: Curly Kids Super Detangling Spray

Today we are giving an unsponsored review on a product that SAVED me and Olivia & literally changed our lives!!!

My pretty girl was blessed with a head full of coils & curls, which means detangling is always a MUST!

In her earlier days (infant - 2yrs) water was my #1 go-to for detangling. Starting out I wanted to use as few products as possible, so I would use a little oil & water to finger detangle. The water worked well, but it became a bit time consuming.

So one day, while out on an errand run to Wal-Mart, I saw this on the shelf (amongst a many other choices) and I think what caught my eye the most was the word "Super". 😄 I remember thinking, "If it's a SUPER detangler then it must work!" I was so excited I had to try it right away! All I had to do was spray, massage it in for a couple of seconds, and Voila'... detangled curls. I cannot tell you just how excited I was!!! 🤣I literally called my friends & family to rave about this product!

Needless to say, it's our "must have" product now. I buy it in multiples (no less than 3 at a time) for her hair and my own. I tell all the moms I meet about it.

The only thing I would change about this product is the sprayer. If it featured a trigger sprayer it would be SOOOO ideal.. especially when I am finger detangling for wash day. I have to use more product while detangling and my hands are usually too wet to use the pump sprayer that comes on the detangler.

However, this feature is not a total deal breaker considering you can buy a plastic bottle with a trigger sprayer for $1 from Walmart or practically any dollar store. But it would be nice (and smart from an advertising perspective) for them to already have one on the bottle.

Olivia and I give this one a 4.99 shooting stars out of 5. Only because of the pump.

We cannot wait to try their other products and report to you our findings.

Happy Detangling!

Tip: "Always keep a wide tooth comb handy to help with the detangling should your fingers not be enough in some places."

{4/9/19 UPDATE: This post was originally written Nov 2018 but we giving an updated review: Since this post we've purchased 2 bottles of Curly Kid's {from Sally's Beauty} and were a little disappointed. The product seems to be a little more sticky than before and leaves a bit of residue on that hair that you can "feel" but not see. I hope they go back to the original formula, as it was perfect and did not need to be changed. Nevertheless it's still a "holy grail" product for us and we are willing to try it again.💖}

Disclaimer: This review is a personal opinion and should be used for informational purposes only. Every reaction may not be the same and you should always consult a professional before the use of any product. Use all reviewed products at your own risk.


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