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Hello Kitty Cool!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Check out Olivia rocking these cool glasses that she.... believe it or not... got from a McDonalds KIDS MEAL!!! Like just about every kid in America, McDonalds is always #1 and at the top of her list. She loves the food, but I suspect she loves the toys even more. LOL.

Compared to all of the restaurants they do have the best toys (them and Chick-fil-A, another kid favorite). So you can imagine how thrilled she was to get these from the Hello Kitty brand.

Olivia also wore her favorite hot pink fuzzy vest from Takara Girls, this matching ribbed hot pink top from Wonder Nation for a cool monochromatic look, bootcut blue jeans from Old Navy, and I topped it off with this royal blue hairbow.

Needless to say, the glasses were a hit!

Olivia's Review: "I love these glasses, they are so cute! They make me look pretty, they are fun to play with, and they make me look like a cat!"😹

Thanks McDonalds!🤗


Glasses: @hellokitty

Top: @wondernationusa

Jeans: @oldnavy


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