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Heart Emoji Twinning!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

OMG! Don't you just love these heart sunglasses? They give all the right heart eye emoji feels, right?😍😍😍

These Perverse brand sunglasses feature light pink hearts that are paired with a gold-tone frame. To make the light pink pop, we paired them with a pleated blue denim dress from Dollhouse.

{ Style Tip: To make soft or pastels colors appear to "pop"... pair with a dark tone item. The dark tones will make them appear to stand out a lot more. A trick that works the same way in reverse🤷}

To bring out more of that pink, we added a light pink hairbow and replaced the denim belt with a light pink bandana instead. To finish the look we added Michael Kors denim flats (an AWESOME buy that goes with practically anything in her closet) and a gold sequin hairbow to pull in the gold-tone metals that are throughout her outfit. NOW we're ready for our day out! See you around. ☺

Get the Look

Dress: Dollhouse

Shoes: @michaelkors

Eyewear: Perverse Sunglasses



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