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Doc Dress-up!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Check out this cool look!!!

Olivia had the opportunity to dress like her favorite character at school, and yep you guessed it, she chose DOC MCSTUFFINS!!! She loves everything about Doc and we (her parents) love the message and great example that the character provides children.

To accomplish this look, we started with her Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag Set.

Then we pulled a few things from her closet that she already had available...


Lab Coat: Maria Harper Designs @mariaharperdesigns (my "Nana"/ Fashion Designer)

Top: 365 Kids by Garaniamals @garanimals

Skirt: Arizona Jeans @arizonajeanco

Leggings: Old Navy @oldnavy

Shoes (with bows temporarily removed): JoJo Siwa @jojosiwa

Wardrobe, Hair, & Photo by: @joyharperash (Me, Mom 💖)

What cha think? How did we do? 😊

Olivia's Honest Review : "I love it because it's cute and I get to take care of my toys like Doc! My favorite part is giving shots & listening to their heartbeats to make them better. I take care of my family too. I really like to give my brother a shot."🤣


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