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TBT: B-day Style!♥

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Here is a Throwback of Olivia's 3rd birthday. Since it's her special day we always go full princess head to toe. :)


She's wearing an "It's My Birthday!" cake Tee from brand 1989 Place, cuffed denim leggings from Garanimals and a TuTu from Curls, Pearls, & Bows {this was special made for her a couple of years ago from her godmother who did such an amazing job that she wears it all the time. She was so active you can't see the full beauty of her tutu, but we'll find another reason to wear it & share it again😉}


To accessorize we added Tommy Hilfiger tennis shoes in silver glitter, blue crown earrings from Paparazzi Jewelry, silver glitter hairbows, pink flower hairbows, and a ballet handbag from Pink Poppy.

Lastly, the most important piece... THE TIARA! Here she is wearing a silver "princess" tiara from Party City {later changed to a pink tiara with ribbon streamers from Just Pretending}.

We hope you liked this look, Olivia sure did!

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