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A Fashion Girl in a Fashion World!

Just hanging in the design studio we decided to do a cute little photo op featuring Olivia's

outfit today...

Winter in Atlanta is not "too" brutal, but it's ALL about layers & boots!!!

Olivia is wearing a white tutu top featuring tiny silver glitter polka dots from brand Self Esteem. We paired it with olive green leggings & a black cardigan sweater, both from Old Navy (one of our favorite brands).

This look is ALL about the boots so we went with these killer black Steve Madden boots that lace up from ankle to calf in the back. Needless to say... Olivia & I are IN LOVE with these (I don't think I've ever met a Steve Madden shoe I didn't love, lol).

Liv was crazy about this pic because the flower looks like her hair accessory, lol

For Olivia' hair, she's rocking her natural sandy brown curls in a mohawk with a basic white hairbow.

To finish the look we chose white hanging pearl earrings.

Here she's reading her Vogue magazine & playing with this black pleated bottom Maria Harper dress that's always featured in the studio (needless to say, she loves her Nana's brand).


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