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Be Fit, Stay Safe!

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Hey there Livvi Dolls!💖 My oh my how things have changed! Just a few weeks ago things were normal, and now we have a virus that has changed everything. We didn't quite know how great life was before coronavirus, but I guess the saying is true, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."😢

Nevertheless, we will remain grateful for life & for God's goodness . We are thankful for our family, our friends, & our health. During this time stay optimistic and grateful. It's our gratefulness that keeps us happy in times of trouble.

I know we are all confined to our homes but there are still ways to stay active right there at home. We love to dance (especially Olivia) so we play lots of YouTube videos to keep us moving with either our favorite music videos or workout videos.

Olivia loves them all, but her most favorite ways to get moving are:

▪ Zumba with Mom ( (Dance classes by So You think You Can Dance winner "Kida the Great")

▪ And her most favorite of all time

parents, your kids will LOVE staying active with Go Noodle and it's FREE! Give it a try!

Other ways that Olivia & her brother stay active:

Weights (we got Olivia a set of light 1lb weights from and she gets so excited to use them while mommy uses the real weights)

Jump rope

Hula Hoop

Basketball (door hoop)



Balloon Volleyball


Stay Safe, Stay Fit, & Pray this will all be over soon!


Top: @puma

Leggings: @puma

Dumbells: @fivebelow


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