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FLASHBACK: 50's & 80's!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We are serving you up a scoop of vintage today sweetheart! We are taking you back to two ✌ of fashion's most influential decades... the 50's and the 80's. No worries we didn't just dress this fabulous for these pics or even to hang around the house. No, no... we had to rock these outfits at SCHOOL! 😎⭐

True is was 50's & 80's day at school, so everybody came dressed in their best rendition of the decades. However, I think we NAILED IT!

I did not go out to buy anything special, both looks were 100% from Olivia's closet. In fact, on both days she told me THE NIGHT BEFORE that she had to dress up ... IN BOTH INSTANCES 😅

(gotta love being a mom, right? lol). I could have just slapped her on some jeans and a top, but I'm a fashion mom... so I was up for the challenge!

So rambling through her closet I started with the shoes... because let's be honest... if you don't have the right shoes for the decade why even try.🤷‍♀️ When I realized Olivia had the perfect shoe, I started to get excited right away! We went with a basic black & white low-top Converse tennis shoe (shoes that have been around for-ev-er) and paired it with white tights from The Children's Place & white ruffle socks (I forget the brand).

Moving on to the outfit, I pulled out a basic white long sleeved tee from Old Navy, to go along with a skirt for Olivia's upcoming line Olivia Ash, which couldn't have been more perfect! Last but definitely not least, the pièce de résistance, the 1 thing that pulled it all together... the black moto jacket from Me Jane Mini! This look wouldn't have worked out as well without the edge of the moto; giving you "Grease" vibes, right? Oh yeah.😍

To finish the look I added these super cute, almost cat-like, sunglasses from Gymboree and this basic white ribbon as the whipped cream on top... and ta-da you have the yummy 50's.❤

Let's keep it going! Get you a taste of 80's below (keep reading).

For 80's day it was the same process... I started with the shoes. After looking over all of her shoes, I came to the conclusion that the Chuck Taylors were just perfect for the 80's too! So I pulled out the black & white Converse once more.

When I think 80's I think Madonna (who doesn't, right?). I mean outside of Paula Abdul's shoulder pads, MJ's thriller jacket, & MC Hammer's pants; her look was so classically iconic that it would be a sin not to incorporate her vibes into any 80's outfit.

So in celebration of the flouncy tutu of Madonna's day, I pulled out this pink tulle-lined zebra print tutu by Popatu, paired it with a black long sleeved Old Navy tee (gotta love those tees) & a basic black pair of legging from Old Navy, To finish this look... another forever classic... the denim jacket! Yes, also from Old Navy.

The look was great, but I knew it needed MORE! The 80's was all about tons of make-up and hella accessories! Since Olivia is all of 5, I figured we'd go the accessories route. lol

Here's where the struggle kicked in because I had no accessories that would fully pull this look together; and since it was 10:00 at night I had to rely on my design skills to create or re-purpose something it was much too late to design, cut, & sew anything as I was just to tired.

So for the #1 80's accessory... the legwarmers... I had to think creatively and landed on these hot pink cable knit tights from The Children's Place. I cut off the feet and torso of both legs and scrunched the down for that slouchy look. For the classic Madonna "fingers out" glove. I pulled out an old pair of black winter gloves and cut off the fingers, as I didn't just have lace gloves sitting around the house [if you do I'm impressed... but I'm also judging🤔].

Jk🤣. Get your Apollonia on girl!

Now that the major look was complete, we popped that collar, rolled up those sleeves, and threw on some accessories!

She wore a whole stack of bangle bracelets, a long pearl necklace from her play jewelry set, a neon green hairbow (hair to the side of course), & neon green floral earrings.

We pulled it off again and it was a major hit at school once again.


Jacket: Me Jane Mini





Denim Jacket:@oldnavy

Skirt: Popatu


Leg Warmers (repurposed tights):@childrensplace



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